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King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
When this client first approached us they were struggling to gain traction and positive returns from their Facebook & Instagram ads. With such a unique, niche product in fashionable and reflective cycling vests, we knew this was one brand to take global with the right way of using Facebook and Instagram ads to reach new markets.

Here's how we helped them scale up..
The Problem
The ads they had been running were not returning a positive return. This brand was mostly running activity seeking 'likes' and wasn't seeing any of their activity converting to actual sales. 

The Solution
The brand went through the quick fire testing method to find the winning formula of audiences, hook, copywriting and stop the scroll visual assets before scaling the campaign to multiple audiences in multiple countries.

Through this process, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by simply changing how campaigns were optimised inside the ad account and running longer retargeting sequences.

How we were able to drive CPAs to $10 (on a $127 product) was by quickfire testing, pattern interrupt, effective copywriting and introducing a strategic retargeting sequence. 
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

30 days into working with them, we achieved 7x ROAS at the top of the funnel on cold audiences and 14x ROAS on retargeting at the bottom of the funnel. 

7x ROAS at top of the funnel
14x ROAS at bottom of the funnel
The Result
Cost per acquisition averaged out to be $10 per sale after 30 days of working together. Today, this client is consistently making sales across Australia, NZ and the US, and are looking to target at least another five European countries as part of their global growth plans.

King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
Services We Offered 

Our involvement included:  

✔️Consulting on best practice margin pricing

✔️Replatforming website to a super-fast Shopify platform including integrating with AfterPay

✔️Establishing a website retargeting sequence

✔️Copywriting for ad positioning and hook messaging 

✔️Facebook & Instagram ad funnel strategy, campaign launch and management

We help eComm store owners increase sales by driving site traffic through social media advertising.

Get in touch today to find out if we can help your business to grow through Facebook™ & Instagram™ ads!

About King Pixel Digital Marketing

Sarah-Jane Picton-King
Sarah-Jane Picton-King
Founded by Sarah-Jane Picton-King, an award-winning marketer in the retail and fashion sector, Since 2017 King Pixel has helped businesses grow by increasing traffic to eCommerce stores, email nurturing and by optimising the online shopping experience to improve returns on ad spend.

With a decade of experience with retail and shopping centre giants Westfield, Myer Centre, Brand Direct Outlets and neighbourhood precinct groups, there isn't a category of retail we haven't helped drive sales for.

Testimonials for King Pixel Digital Marketing

Testimonial for King Pixel Marketing
"My business is over 3 years old and I have spent/wasted thousands of dollars (upwards of $30K) using SEO companies that claim they can generate business and PR companies who have no integrity and no understanding of my business (nor did they care). Sarah-Jane from King Pixel is a breath of fresh air – at last, someone who is genuine, knows what she is doing, understands my business and has generated many leads and conversions in a very short time!"

Jane Sutherland, Fitt Skin Clinic
Testimonial for King Pixel Marketing
"Before working with King Pixel my website was a mess. I didn't really know what I was doing or the logic behind customer journeys and funnels. Sarah-Jane from King Pixel was amazingly helpful.  They turned my online store into a beautiful site to sell my macrame artwork smoothly and made sure that I was maximising every opportunity to grow my business online.  Highly recommended!"
Si Tallowin, No Strings Attached Macrame
Testimonial for King Pixel Marketing
"I've always been good at engagement with my audience but all my creative efforts with social media posts weren't helping me make actual sales from my website. I've done a few courses and played around with Facebook ads but I soon realised likes don't convert to sales!  I've seen the power of social media advertising from working with King Pixel.  Now that we've got great ecomm foundations in place I'm so excited to advertise my brand globally, enter new markets and bring in the sales!!" 

Lisa Penney, Hey Reflect'o
In 2019 the online channel overtook traditional marketing. Over 129 billion dollars in ad spend went towards social and digital mediums.  

During the recent pandemic lockdowns, internet usage has surged 35% across the globe. 

Of course, so many businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. But your potential customers can be found online in bigger numbers than ever. And right now ad costs haven't been this low in the last 5 years!!

Commonly Asked Questions

What types of retail will Social Media Advertising work for?

Pretty much any commodity can find an audience online today with 3 billion monthly users using Facebook's channels which includes WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and other online placements.  Social Media Advertising is a great channel for brands to include in their marketing mix.  However, some categories do not fit Facebook's Terms of Service.  These are Tobacco, Drug-Related Products, Unsafe Supplements, Weapons, Adult Products or Services, Personal Health services or products containing “before-and-after” images or multi-level marketing schemes that sell products. 

And right now some of the fastest-growing ecomm categories include: Arts and crafts ✓ Gourmet and specialty foods ✓ Groceries and packaged foods ✓ Health and wellness ✓ Home exercise equipment ✓ Cleaning, hygiene and safety ✓ Pet products ✓ Activity and educational kits ✓ Cooking equipment and appliances ✓ Garden ✓ Games ✓ Baby products & children’s toys ✓ Beauty and self-care ✓ Home office ✓ DIY & Home Improvement 

While we specialise in Facebook and Instagram ads, after accessing your product and market niche we will advise if your product could benefit from additional channels such as Google ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok or LinkedIn.

What do I need in place for this to work for me?

You'll need an existing online store. If you don't have one yet, we can help you with setting up from scratch.

We recommend robust ecomm platforms with common API connections such as Shopify, WooCommerce,  BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, CommerceHub, Quipt, ShipStation, Zentail or Magento. If you have a store built on a custom website, we can discuss your options. 

You will need images of your stock and have fulfilment processes in place for when the orders come through.

Ideally, you will need brand assets showing the lifestyle/benefits/problem solving ability of your product.  If you don't have brand assets yet, we can help you with content creation services too.

How long does it take to get going?

Depending on which ecomm platform you currently have or need to set up, and if you have existing product and brand assets, you can expect to have an ad campaign live within two weeks of working together.

We limit the number of new clients we take on so that we can give you our full attention to set up your sales funnel asap

How soon will I see results?

Every niche and brand is different.  However, after the first 30 days, we can usually see from the data whether a campaign will be profitable when scaling.  Sometimes it can take a few months for the algorithm to learn who are the best customers for you and what offer (hook) drives their behaviour.  Once a sales funnel is 'cracked', meaning we've worked out how to drive profitable sales then it is time to scale, reaching larger audiences for increased revenue and customer growth.  Giving the channel a try for at least three months is advisable.
You'll receive;

✔️ Pure advice to help you with marketing strategy offline and online

✔️ Learn about funnel strategies working for your industry

✔️ Learn how to research the funnel strategy of your competitors so that you can reverse engineer their strategy

✔️ Gain clarity on how social media ads can be profitable for you

✔️ Receive a digital ecosystem audit

✔️ Provide you with content ideas based on what your market is searching for

✔️ Come away with a clear action plan to help guide you closer to your goals

If this sounds good to you, and you operate in the retail or fashion sectors book in for a free strategy session below.

Best wishes,

Sarah-Jane Picton-King

Due to the hands-on nature of these calls, I only do a limited number per week. Last month booked out!

Request your strategy session today to secure your appointment.

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