How we 7x their Shopify revenue within 90 days!

Before Sweet Talk engaged us they were drowning with all the things to do when running a business.

  • They had tried a marketing agency previously that produced little to no results
  • They certainly did not have the time to do it themselves or hire internal digital staff
  • But they knew they had an exceptional product to market fit and just needed help to market their website effectively for eCommerce sales

The King Commerce Method 7x her business's monthly revenue in less than 3 months

Results like these are replicable. How do we know? Because it's what we live and breathe.

Curious if your business can get results like this? Find out on a free strategy call to see if we can help your business with the King Commerce Service.

The King Commerce Method We Use To Get Client Results...

  • Making sure backend capture processes are in place to maximise opportunity from the traffic you are receiving. This involves setting up or optimising the pre purchase automated flows and post purchase automated flows and advanced flows that make sense for your industry and customer base.

  • Segmenting your existing database and improving your email deliverability so that more of your email content makes it to the inbox, not spam or the "promotions" tab.

  • Establishing a content calendar for regular email and SMS communications that are content marketing driven, not sell, sell, sell.

  • Establishing a strategy to build your first party data, aka your email, DM's & SMS lists.

  • Auditing your website for SEO improvements and actioning these.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation - is the on-platform experience the best it could be? Navigation, additional product information, quality of product imagery, video, and optimising checkout processes, shipping and payment options are key here.

  • Optimising product feeds for Google Shopping and social advertising. This is key for your products to match search results. Are your competitors stealing your search traffic?

  • Blueprinting a social media advertising funnel across new audiences, engaged audiences and remarketing audiences. This involves outlining your persona journeys across channel and moving through a robust testing methodology to find your best personas, best hooks, best creative combinations and best channel strategies working in harmony with each other.

  • Repeat customer strategy - what's in place to get your previous customers coming back for more? This could involve a loyalty program, subscription model or win-back campaigns. Are you leaving thousands of dollars of profit on the table every month by not having a strategic plan in place?

  • Reviews, reviews and more reviews. Enhancing the third party endorsement for your brand and products on platform and on Google and leveraging these in ads.

  • Spreading word-of-mouth endorsements by using automated affiliate and influencer programs.

We help eCommerce businesses to increase revenues and scale profitably without wasting time, energy and resources.

You've done all the hard work. You launched a business with an amazing product that has benefited from increased eCommerce demand in recent years, but something's not right - could there be some gaps in your strategy? Have you adapted to changes in technology, and effective strategies that are working right now, as in 2023?

There might be some simple solutions if we take this step by step...

There are many ways to make your marketing more profitable, but if you're like most eCommerce owners and marketers who find themselves juggling a variety of responsibilities.

You are so busy keeping up with product range management tasks such as producing brand and product content, community management, customer service, logistics and supply chain tasks, being on the ball with technology changes such as email best practices and advertising with Google ads or paid social channels can be overwhelming!

We take the hassle out of digital marketing, so you can focus on what's important.

We understand how frustrating it is for entrepreneurs & busy marketing teams to “get it all done” - let us help!

We offer done-for-you services in social media advertising such as Facebook™ ads, TikTok or Instagram™ campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) alongside Klaviyo automation strategy, email marketing services & more. We’re with you every step of the way.

Ready for the support of a marketing partner you can count on?

We help eCommerce businesses drive sales with the King Commerce Method

You know effective paid advertising and email marketing is the key to maximising customer lifetime value, but you don't have the time or knowledge, or right performance-focused agency partner to make it happen.

If you've ever tried running ads before or setting up an email automation strategy, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated it really is - and that doing these critical sales-driving activities wrong will end up costing thousands in missed opportunities or in mistakes.

We let women business owners focus on what they do best, running the operations of their business, by taking the whole eCommerce marketing for sales process off their hands.

We'll build effective Klaviyo email automation strategies, and paid social advertising to introduce your brand to new audiences, manage your Google discovery through paid Google ads and enhanced SEO, and then introduce other advertising channels and marketing initiatives until we've hit your growth goals.

The reason it works lies in the integrity and caliber of our team - we won't even offer to work with you if we're not confident we can get you the results you're after.

The Services We Offer To Get Client Results...

Klaviyo email marketing strategy

Klaviyo Strategy

Email & SMS marketing automation plus content campaign marketing (We’ve just been named one of the best Klaviyo email marketing agencies in 2022 by Mayple). We know our Klaviyo stuff!

social media advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising

The world of social media marketing is ever-changing, but one thing that never changes is the benefits to be had from paid ads across various channels such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Just because you're trying to reach your customers doesn't mean they are all on one platform. A cross-channel strategy is needed these days where they work together.

Google adverising

Google Advertising

Reaching the market in active search or "buy now" mode means we need to get you in front of searches for your product category, your brand name, and that of your competitors.



With SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation, you can improve your customer experience on-site while also improving organic search engine results and organic sales.


Customer Service Systems

Saving time with customer service by setting up automated strategies, improving engagement and customer service functions.


Automated Affiliate Programs

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing - Let the customer network of those who trust your brand speak up about how great your products and services are!


Repeat Customer Strategy

Launching Loyalty Programs & more to lift your customer lifetime value and repeat purchases.

More examples of our work ....




King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

When this client first approached us they had launched a brand new personal care range just 5 months prior. Although they had positive interest straight away, they turned to us for help on how to get to the next level.  

Here's how we helped them scale up..

The Problem

The brand turned to a business consultant when first launching.  They had been set up with a basic ad funnel in Facebook Buisness Manager, but had no idea if it was really performing well or not, how to scale, or even how to update the creative.  In bootstrap startup mode, growth HAD to be profitable to ensure the continued momentum of the brand.  They needed complete confidence in results. 

The Solution There were immediate opportunities to leverage lookalike audiences and databases, plus adding sophistication to the funnel strategy, increasing ROAS, and scaling to new audiences. 

Particular importance was placed on effective copywriting matching the language for the correct stages in the funnel strategy and introducing a fun quiz in the middle of the funnel to take the guess work out selections.

King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

A Profit First Funnel Consistently Achieving 8x ROAS

7x ROAS at top of the funnel

The Result

This client cracked their annual growth goals in only 9 months!  They now have the time back to focus on developing new ranges and country expansion plans and no more stress and anxiety about running profitable social media ads!

Services We Offered 

✔️Copywriting for ad positioning and hook messaging 

✔️Facebook & Instagram ad funnel strategy, campaign development, and active management

✔️Quiz development using ClickFunnels

✔️Lead Generation, building a database on steroids

✔️Google Shopping Ads

Have you been looking for an effective marketing agency partner? We can help!

Our team of seasoned marketers will increase site traffic and sales through email marketing, the Google network, Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok video advertisements, SEO, CRO - the list goes on.

Request a free strategy session today and find out about all of the ways that we're taking care of businesses just like yours!

We're platform partners and experts in...

King Pixel Digital Marketing is a Facebook Marketing Partner
King Pixel Digital Marketing is a Klaviyo Partner
King Pixel Digital Marketing is a ManyChat Agency Partner
King Pixel Digital Marketing is a Shopify Partner
King Pixel Digital Marketing is a top Klaviyo agency

More examples of our work ....




King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

When this client first approached us they were struggling to gain traction and positive returns from their Facebook™ & Instagram™ ads. With such a unique, niche product in fashionable and reflective cycling vests, we knew this was one brand to take global with the right way of using Facebook and Instagram ads to reach new markets.

Here's how we helped them scale up..

The Problem

The ads they had been running were not returning a positive return. This brand was mostly running activity seeking 'likes' and wasn't seeing any of their activity converting to actual sales. 

The Solution The brand went through the quickfire testing method to find the winning formula of audiences, hook, copywriting and stop the scroll visual assets before scaling the campaign to multiple audiences in multiple countries.

Through this process, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by simply changing how campaigns were optimised inside the ad account and running longer retargeting sequences.

How we were able to drive CPAs to $10 (on a $127 product) was by quickfire testing, pattern interrupt, effective copywriting, and introducing a strategic retargeting sequence. 

King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

30 days into working with them, we achieved 7x ROAS at the top of the funnel on cold audiences and 14x ROAS on retargeting at the bottom of the funnel. 

7x ROAS at top of the funnel
14x ROAS at bottom of the funnel

The Result

Cost per acquisition averaged out to be $10 per sale after 30 days of working together. Today, this client is consistently making sales across Australia, NZ, and the US, and are looking to target at least another five European countries as part of their global growth plans.

King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

Services We Offered 

✔️Consulting on best practice margin pricing

✔️Replatforming website to a super-fast Shopify platform including integrating with AfterPay

✔️Establishing a website retargeting sequence

✔️Copywriting for ad positioning and hook messaging 

✔️Facebook™  & Instagram™  ad funnel strategy, campaign launch and active management

Have you been looking for an effective marketing agency partner? We can help!

Our team of seasoned marketers will increase site traffic and sales through email marketing, the Google network, Facebook ads (including Instagram), TikTok video advertisements, SEO, CRO - the list goes on.

Request a free strategy session today and find out about all of the ways that we're taking care of businesses just like yours!

We've done it over and over again!

30% growth in 12 months by introducing social media advertising

King Pixel Digital Marketing
King Pixel Digital Marketing

Whether you're just getting started or you’ve been established for some time, we have the perfect solution to help grow your business.

We'll handle everything from paid advertising and email campaigns all the way down to SMS texting for customers who qualify - it's not just about getting more one-off sales, but customer lifetime value and keeping them coming back for more.

We free you up to do what's best for your customers. We'll handle the rest so that all of our partners can focus on product, brand creativity and customer service while also staying efficient in their daily operations.

More About King Pixel Digital Marketing

Sarah-Jane Picton-King
Sarah-Jane Picton-King

Founder Sarah-Jane has a deep history in retail with a decade of experience with shopping centre giants Westfield, Myer Centre, Brand Direct Outlets, and neighbourhood precinct groups.

Founded by Sarah-Jane Picton-King, an award-winning marketer in the retail and fashion sector, Since 2017 the King Pixel team has helped businesses grow by increasing traffic to eCommerce stores, providing email automation and email marketing services, and optimising the online shopping experience and SEO of websites to improve returns on digital marketing efforts.

There isn't a category of retail untouched by helping to drive sales in the physical space, and now in eCommerce with effective digital marketing services provided by the team at King Pixel.

Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing
Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing
Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing
Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing

What our clients say about us...

Testimonial for King Pixel Marketing

"Before working with King Pixel Digital Marketing my website was a mess. I didn't really know what I was doing or the logic behind customer journeys and funnels. Sarah-Jane and the whole King Pixel was amazingly helpful.  They turned my online store into a beautiful site to sell my macrame artwork smoothly and made sure that I was maximising every opportunity to grow my business online.  

Highly recommended!"


Si Tallowin, No Strings Attached Macrame

Testimonial for King Pixel Marketing

"After one month of working with the King Pixel team, my eCommerce site revenue increased 50% month on month! The email automation strategy, Facebook ad sales funnel, and automated Messenger strategy for customer service has made the biggest difference to my business. I'm discovering the preferences of my customer base and barriers to purchase that had no idea about before. With this intelligence, I can use it to streamline my product range and improve website conversions"

Serena Gove, Caring Clothing

Testimonial for King Pixel Marketing
"I've always been good at engagement with my audience but all my creative efforts with social media posts weren't helping me make actual sales from my website. I've done a few courses and played around with Facebook ads but I soon realised likes don't convert to sales! I've seen the power of social media advertising from working with King Pixel.  Now that we've got great ecomm foundations in place I'm so excited to advertise my brand globally, enter new markets and bring in the sales!!" 

Lisa Penney, Hey Reflect'o

Review for King Pixel Digital Marketing

"Sarah-Jane and her team have excellent client management skills and delivered recommendations with patience, progress and clarity.

SJ's team have exceptional skills in digital marketing, with a particular focus on Facebook pixel applications, was perfectly tailored to our business. 

Sarah-Jane and her team are experienced in all facets of marketing and digital marketing practices."  

Biela McMillan, Marketing Manager

"What an authentic digital marketing agency! We used King Pixel to optimise our brand awareness and to implement a new social media funnel for eCommerce event ticket sales.

SJ and her team are focused on their clients and they took the time to learn about our business & industry so they could ensure the campaigns they implemented was relevant and successful.

It was a pleasure dealing with such a friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team committed to working with us to deliver results."

Lana Vickridge-Smith, CEO

"My beauty & skin clinic business is over 3 years old and I have spent/wasted thousands of dollars (upwards of $30K) using SEO companies that claim they can generate business and PR companies who have no integrity and no understanding of my business (nor did they care).

Sarah Jane is a breath of fresh air – at last someone who is genuine, knows what she is doing, understands my business and has generated many leads and conversions in a very short time!"

Jane Sutherland, Founder

"King Pixel was a godsend with helping to fix up our Shopify eCommerce website so that we could make online wine sales. We had a go at setting the website up our selves, but it shows what you can do and how much sales can improve when you engage a professional!  We're now running paid social media ads and a funnel strategy. So far we're impressed with the results to drive wine sales online and lunch bookings to our winery restaurant. 

Thank you, Sarah-Jane and the King Pixel team. Highly recommended!"

Miriam Bourne & James Hook, 

Winery Owners

Testimonial for Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing
Testimonial for Sarah-Jane Picton-King of Sarah-Jane Picton-King

The King Commerce Service

by King Pixel Digital Marketing

On the next page, there's a discovery survey to fill in before selecting a preferred date and time for your strategy session. This is so we don't waste any time on the call.  Once your form has been completed and reviewed, we will confirm your meeting held by video link or phone.

Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing
Sarah-Jane Picton-King

Founder & Director, King Pixel 

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