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Hi, I'm Sarah-Jane Picton-King.

Founder of King Pixel.

Otherwise known as SJPK :)

I'd love to help you gain clarity on

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✔️ Come away with a clear action plan to help guide you closer to your goals

Client Testimonials

Hear what our client, Mariska thinks about us after 7x her business's monthly revenue in less than 3 months.

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"My business is over 3 years old and I have spent/wasted thousands of dollars (upwards of $30K) using SEO companies that claim they can generate business and PR companies who have no integrity and no understanding of my business (nor did they care). Sarah Jane is a breath of fresh air – at last someone who is genuine, knows what she is doing, understands my business and has generated many leads and conversions in a very short time! 

King Pixel's helped us with brand development guiding us through a rebrand, strategy planning, marketing creative, email strategy, web design and social media. She is the most professional marketing person I have ever engaged since opening my business and she is a keeper!!

Thank you, SJ.

We are so lucky you and your team are part of our team."

Jane Sutherland, Founder

Fitt Skin Clinic

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